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company culture

Yaova beginning of the construction is committed to creating the environment of the construction and operation of the corporate culture. Emphasis on the continued improvement of the employees ideological realm, extraordinary thinking creative excavations in the process of constantly shaping the personality of the spirit of enterprise, cultivate internal mutual trust, mutual encouragement, open work style of thought; fully respect the creative thought of the staff, so that different cultural backgrounds knowledge structure of ideology to exchange collision inspire a correct outlook on life and methodology, the formation of "ideologically highly unifiedworking in tacit coordination" work situation; enterprises to fully mobilize the creative potential of employees, each employee complementary integration expertise and ability to construct a complete, three-dimensional, effective system of organization and corporate culture throughout the business model, business direction, operating tactics, market development, product development, advertising planning, talent, external the direction of cooperation, the distribution of benefits and other efforts to create a method to promote the growth of sustainable and stable development of the environment and the human environment.